Control Valve Assembly Technician

Dec 08, 2017

Control Valve Assembly Technician

The control valve technician needs to be skilled and understand the purpose and principles of operating control valves. In this role, a control valve assembly technician is responsible for repairing, re-manufacturing, adjusting and testing control valves. The control valve assembly technician should be familiar with working on actuators and instrumentation.

Qualification Preferences

  • 4+ years of experience assembling and/or maintaining control valves
  • Field Service experience is a plus
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Experience and knowledge working with measurement devices and test gauges
  • Experience working in and around mechanical and industrial equipment

Position Responsibilities

  • Accomplishes all tasks as appropriately assigned or requested
  • Maintains a strong safety record with knowledge of safety rules and practices
  • Displays flexibility in hours and has a history of dependability and reliability
  • Keeps equipment, tooling, and work area clean, orderly, and secure
  • Perform basic math calculations


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